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Bulgarian music for piano (1992)


In one movement for wind orchestra (1993)

Perf. time 15 min.

March of May the 31st. Italian style. March - Trio - Recitative - Trio d.c. - March d.c.


Picc, 2 Fl, 2 Ob, 2(4) Cl, BssCl, 2 Bssn, 4 Hrn, 2 Cnt, 2 Trp, 2 Tbn, BssTbn, Euph, Tb, Prc, Bell


Chorale variation for organ (1994)

(Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele, Joh. Crüger, 1649)


For solo Bassoon (Fagot) (1995)

Snake charming play and juggling in the way of the Balkans.

For very skilled bassoonists only.


Suite of six brilliant movements, for guitar quartet (1995)

A light / shade imagination passing through quite contrasting gardens.

1. Passiflow Time

2. Scansorchid Fancy

3. Soarface Breaks

4. Budlight Orbits

5. Olivemind Shades

6. Spiceparty Space 


Arrangement for brass quintet (1995)

(César Franck, of "Messe Solennelle")


Suite of six challenging movements, for brass quintet (1996)

Refer to a fairy tale. The King of Heart sends out 6 brave knights to the "faraway country" of his, beyond the Sea of Hope.

1. The Sea

2. The Elephants

3. The Forest

4. The City

5. The River

6. The Castle



Six simple afro-songs for mixed choir. (1996)

Tenor splits into alto/bass ad lib. as such African songs use to come out in three voices.

Songs suitable for rear train platforms sung during the train journey in a rather creative tradition.

The text contains a confusion of speeches from all over the African continent.

You might wish to add simple obligato percussion rhythms of your own.

Using everyday objects whatever you are going to have. Welcome! 

1. Kaunda to di tu

2. Gulla Villa

3. Sasha sobi banda

4. Choka Chuki

5. Bi youta a mini

6. Taga u que


Fairy tale march for brass band (1997)

Perf. time 3 min

Akhyana names a certain kind of storytelling.

This nostalgic "music telling" in traditional march style is available for wind orchestra as well.


Fairy tale march for brass band (1997)

Perf. time 5 min

Opalion is a very but missing princess.

This nostalgic "music telling" in traditional march style, available for wind orchestra as well.


Suite in 9 movements for clarinet trio, 2 Clarinets and Bass Clarinet all in Bb (1998)

The planets going stealthily round the sun.

Heavy ballet music on light instruments. A sort of space music.

1. Pluto

2. Neptune

3. Uranus

4. Saturn

5. Jupiter

6. Mars

7. Tellus

8. Venus

9. Mercury


For Clarinet in b and Organ (1999)

Taking its starting point in the nature of water.

Living water music.


24 piano pieces / piano solo  (2002)

It was my intention to make these dolls entertaining and perhaps even amiable. To produce singing and dancing dolls.

But they soon forced me out of control and totally implemented their own personalities. How awkward!


Symfonic poem (2002)

Perf. time 17 min

Concerto for full orchestra.

The world experienced from the outside -


A cycle consisting of 60 contemplative original poems, set to music for mixed choir SATB (2003)

The chorus is like a noontide dream in the space of 60 imaginary minutes. These songs are the genuine Fig Tree songs!

01. Minute, The fig tree passed by

02. Minute, A long time ago

03. Minute, Your father and mother

04. Minute, The sun went for a walk

05. Minute, There is also air

06. Minute, Early this morning

07. Minute, Spare the little bird

08. Minute, The little disciple wrote

09. Minute, Flocks of whispering lilies

10. Minute, To Africa!

11. Minute, Silently my canoe glides

12. Minute, By day I see everything

13. Minute, There are a thousand olive trees

14. Minute, A little boy asked the lake

15. Minute, I searched for punishment

16. Minute, Take all the mirrors

17. Minute, Beyond the dark mountains

18. Minute, There is a colour

19. Minute, Could not sleep

20. Minute, I am a train

21. Minute, If suddenly everything was half as big

22. Minute, The turtle has not found its shell

23. Minute, When the biggest sea

24. Minute, Moon letters from distant planets

25. Minute, We peasants ask permission to speak

26. Minute, I am dreaming I'm a butterfly

27. Minute, Clouds of mosquitoes above the lake

28. Minute, My best friends walk in the light

29. Minute, Isn't it a lovely day?

30. Minute, Fancy that!

31. Minute, Wind stop!

32. Minute, I met a little grey cloud

33. Minute, Locusts cover the ground

34. Minute, I walked on a bridge of light

35. Minute, Half bees swarmed in my head

36. Minute, I went up to the mirror

37. Minute, The past is carried away

38. Minute, You feed the birds

39. Minute, I dreamt peculiar dreams

40. Minute, All grapes carry a secret

41. Minute, Slumbering audience advertises

42. Minute, Do you know that the Earth is walking?

43. Minute, Like a dark bird

44. Minute, Mwana Kiti Mume

45. Minute, Where I live

46. Minute, The hunter's spear

47. Minute, The fish asked

48. Minute, I am thinking of those many little ones

49. Minute, Nobody went into a huge house

50. Minute, Suddenly it is there

51. Minute, I trust in the flowers

52. Minute, Africa is what is left

53. Minute, I eat bread which has not been baked

54. Minute, The world slopes down

55. Minute, The sand remembers

56. Minute, Wanton antelopes' dance

57. Minute, Celestial trees are crying and laughing

58. Minute, I know of a strange flute

59. Minute, Quietly elephants of sorrow go west

60. Minute, I am leaving you now


Four pieces for 1, 2, 3 and 4 violins with piano (2006)

An intriguing piano voice encounters beautiful but fairly uncomplicated violin parts.


14 songs for baritone and piano (2006)

Poems by Troels Danielsen (1996)

The man - the jungle mood. An outcry from the bottom of life. A rainbow of sparkling phantasies. A tribute to love and hope against odds. 

 1. Jungle Man

 2. Into the Sun

 3. Rain Outside

 4. A Shell of Loneliness

 5. That Old Man

 6. Pleased Beyond

 7. Came into My Room

 8. Secrets and Lies

 9. Tears Like to Touch

10. The Church Lies Empty

11. Can I Hold Your Hand

12. O-oh, My Voice is Carried

13. Like a Boat

14. Another Day, Another Place


Symphonic concerto in three movements for bassoon and orchestra (2006)



As a boy I carved many fine boomerangs. 


Symphonic concerto in three movements for flute and orchestra (2007)

Great kindest thanks to the many NZ dolphins of Kaikoura.




Very different organ scores (2018)


From devotional pieces to demanding concert works for church organ.


no. A

no. B

no. C

no. D

no. E

no. F

no. G

no. H

no. I

no. J

no. K

no. L





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